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CF PROPERTY PROJECTS is born from more than twenty years of experience in the field of real estate, improved with important procedures. Professional services, creativity, dedication and competence offered to customers such as privates, investors, or companies are its key elements It works as consulting through a specialized net of contacts able to guarantee and meet any need in the the field with research, feasibility study, project development, funding contract, realization and marketing.
  • Gennaro Columpsi

    Gennaro ColumpsiArchitect

    Born in Cagnano Varano (FG), on September 20th, 1963, graduate in Florence in 1990. After an important experience as project manager at the Istituto Toscano Costruzioni S.p.A. of Florence, a company operating in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna in the real estate industry, as manager of preliminary analysis and testing, takeover, feasibility study, budget planning and standard of intervention, costs and income analysis, coordination and assistance of urban and regolatory services, technical coordination services in planning and commercial phases and coordination of real estate projects, since 1994 is a freelance architect.
    Main working areas: architectural design, interior design, executive design, management of operations, consulting management, project management.
    Main interests: construction industry (residential-commercial-administrative), architecture, new buildings and renovation, sustainable construction, interior design, outer spaces design. From 1999 until 2013 he is manager of Progim S.r.l. in Florence, a company operating in the Florentine area in the real estate field, contruction and renovation of housing schemes, and project management, as the only manager of design assessment, planning, realization and control, looking after property transactions with excellent results: purchase, design, financing, marketing and implementation.

  • Patrizio Fracasso

    Patrizio FracassoArchitect

    Born in Neviano (Lecce) on Decembre 15th, 1964, graduate in Florence, where lives and works, in 1989. He is a freelance architect since 1990 and collaborates with the well know Florentine Architectural firm directed by professor arch. Gemignani until 2004.
    He took part in various design projects and in the realization of relevant housing complexes, gaining professional experience which made him become Technical manager of Tognozzi Engineering s.r.l. since 2004, a company specialized in the development of significant interventions in the building industry, especially in engineering activities and full management consulting for investors, offering full technical and professional services: feasibility study, preliminary project, executive and interior design, outsite design, budget calculation and detailed costs, urban , administrative and legal procedures coordination, project management, commercial advice and promotional activities. He directed works abroad, and coordinated proposals development of Project Financing. For ten years he researched on Architectural design at the University of Florence. He works on innovative design based on energy-saving and green renewable anergy. He had several nationwide and worldwide rewards in this field.
    He participated in several competitions and appears in some publications.